10 Fascinating Facts Discovered when Holidaying in Iceland

Víkurfjara black sand beach – formed by the erosion of volcanic rock

1) There were once a lot more trees in Iceland!

When the first Viking settlers came to Iceland 1100 years ago, the island was a lot more forested. These were cut down to build homes and boats. Iceland is finding it hard to regrow their forests because of the harsh weather and because of the sheep which graze all over the island causing erosion and making it difficult for trees to establish.

The landscape of Iceland includes a lot of wide open spaces, windy barren vistas, the evidence of volcanoes like old lava fields, black beaches, geothermal areas, geysers, waterfalls and moss. It’s so unusual, distinctive and in parts, truly spectacular.

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Reykjavik, the Small, Charming, Windy Capital of Iceland.

Harpa Concert Hall

Reykjavik with its small population of about 140,000 is comparable to Darwin in size. Most of the population in the rugged, barren country of Iceland live in the capital. It has an interesting history, an abundance of geothermal energy and some striking architecture.

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Money Saving Tips for a Holiday in Iceland

Skógafoss Waterfall Hike.

Iceland must be one of the most expensive places to have a holiday. Despite that, it is worth a visit for its striking and stark natural beauty, geothermal hot springs, majestic waterfalls and distinctive volcanic landscape. It is expensive, but with that affluence comes a place with a high quality of accommodation and services. It is also very safe for travelers from a crime perspective. The biggest risk to tourists is underestimating the unpredictable weather.

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