Vivid Sydney – a celebration of lights!!

Sydney-siders love their Vivid light festival but due to Covid, they haven’t had it since 2019. It’s now 2022! It’s back and it is stunning!! It brings the crowds into the city. The highlight of this festival are the light projections on many of the iconic buildings of Sydney. These are all free to attend. There is also a diverse range of other events which are directly or indirectly linked to Vivid. This festival is strategically held just as the weather turns cold in Sydney. Rug up when you venture out after dark to see the lights because the cold wind is biting.

On weekends especially, the crowds that flock into the city for this 3 week festival is insane and all restaurants on the light trail are at capacity! The timing is perfect for restaurants because the weather is not inviting. Gone are the long, warmer, mild summery evenings. Hello early darkness, cold wind and beanie weather! Vivid lures Sydney-siders out from huddling by their heaters in their homes! Check out these pictures and you can understand why! (And this doesn’t even cover all the free Vivid light installations! There are more!)

Interactive sound and light installations
Drone display. This was changing and accompanied with music. These drones (with lights) must be programed to fly and light up in relation to each other to create amazing images! Unfortunately, it did seem that many of the shapes were advertising. Nevertheless, impressive. We did see a few drones fail and plunge into the water below.
More bubbles!
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Water, music and light show reminiscent of the fountain show at Bellagio in Las Vegas!
The water was shot out at a great height. Due to the prevailing wind, the crowd gets to experience a cold spray of water on a cold night!
The crowd is dense. This is the crowd in the area where there are street food vans!
Light and sound projections near Circular Quay
This simple wood structure kept changing personalities depending on what was projected on it! From colours and shapes to animals! Sounds to accompany as well!
Museum of Contemporary Art
Projections on the Opera House
The unused old Goods Line is turned into an immersive display of laser lights, smoke and sound.
Sculpture outside the Museum of Contemporary Art. We have walked past this sculpture so many times during the day but at night, lit up from inside, this sculpture is totally different and unexpected!

Love to hear what you think! Thanks!!