Lovely London in Springtime!

London is gorgeous in springtime. People start to wear lighter jackets and sometimes you even see some shorts and skirts with bare legs! The flowers that sprout up everywhere are simply joyous. These flowers can be observed just doing everyday things around London. No special trip to some pricey gardens required. Just keep your eyes open and feast them on the cherry blossoms, daffodils, bluebells, hyacinths, tulips and all the other plants bursting into life to celebrate a new year of growth.

Columbia Road Flower Market – so unbelievably beautiful (but you will have to battle the crowds!)
Westminster Abbey – but really, I’m looking at that tree in bloom!
Tulips – near New Change
Cherry Blossoms
Flower Beds by St Paul’s Cathedral
Tulips Near Leicester Square

Lots of big world events happen in London. Preparations are in full swing for the coronation of King Charles! The London Marathon with 42,000 runners only just happened recently!

Preparations are underway for the King’s coronation All manner of companies are jumping on the bandwagon using the coronation as a business and advertising opportunity!
London Marathon – These runners are simply amazing! What a feat!

In true London style, around every corner, there is some beautiful architectural building, picturesque view or interesting detail to catch the eye!

View from Bonner Gate, Victoria Par Market
Natural History Museum – the museum is sensational but when you are there, take a moment to look at the building. This building was designed and purpose-built to display Natural History artefacts and the level of detail throughout this building is an absolute marvel!
Natural History Museum-The massive blue whale skeleton that dangles over the main foyer!
Charles Darwin – da man himself!
The Albert Memorial
Royal Albert Hall
Tate Britain
St Bartholomew’s Hospital Fountain – seems incongruous to have such lovely stone buildings and this beautiful fountain used for a hospital in a prime central London location
A glimpse of St Paul’s Cathedral – look up, turn around, look down the alleyway. London is full of lovely surprises if you care to look.
St Paul’s Cathedral from Reflection Garden. What a beautiful spot!
London City Skyline
Tower Bridge
Outernet – Free immersive artwork. It’s much more impressive in person as the video screens constantly change artworks.
Fancy Cheesemongers – selling cheese since 1797
Because no visit to the UK is complete without some stinky British Stilton cheese!
The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn

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