Chelsea and Belgravia Floral Displays

It’s spring and if you are an avid gardener, you could go to the Royal Horticultural Society Worlds Most Famous Chelsea Flower Show for between £58 to £116, depending on the session. Or you can take the freebie option and check out the amazing exhibits at Chelsea in Bloom and Belgravia in Bloom held the very same week. These displays have been an unexpected gem. Wandering about these posh suburbs and seeing these amazing, artful displays was such a treat!

The themes this year are “Flowers on Film” for Chelsea and “Into the Wild” for Belgravia. The artists do an incredible job working with flowers and natural items like bark and twigs to create amazing sculptures. It is wonderful to be able to walk around these suburbs enjoying the spring weather and viewing these artworks!

Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland (Chelsea in Bloom)
Mary Poppins (Chelsea in Bloom)
Black Beauty (Chelsea in Bloom) – outside Lloyds Bank. Who knows what a bank has to gain by spending money on this display?
The Lion King (Chelsea in Bloom)
Freddie Mercury and Queen (Chelsea in Bloom) – set up outside skin care shop! They were pumping out the music of Queen nice and loud so passerby’s instantly understand the flower display!
Jurassic Park (Chelsea in Bloom) – set up on Sloane Square.
Chelsea in Bloom (Whilst it wasn’t obvious how this display related to a film, it was a favorite. This wild cacophony of spectacular pink and white flowers!)
Seahorses (Belgravia in Bloom) – this one was special. Land based flowers to create a seascape.
Bee (Belgravia in Bloom)
Foxes (Belgravia in Bloom)
Peacocks (Belgravia in Bloom)
Butterfly (Belgravia in Bloom)
Tunnel of Orchids (Belgravia in Bloom) – this photo does not do this any justice at all. This is a tunnel absolutely filled with the most exquisite, perfect orchids. The condition of the orchids were flawless and there were so many. I shudder to imagine the cost to set this up! This was sponsored by a floral school tucked away in a small square at the end of an alleyway. They would therefore would get no foot traffic. This tunnel of orchids they set up must give them the most publicity they get all year!
Tunnel of Orchids
Orchids – isn’t evolution marvelous?!

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