Driving the Race Track at Mount Panorama, Bathurst

Where else in the world can you take your personal vehicle onto a professional racetrack circuit? When the Mount Panorama Racetrack Circuit is not being used for motor racing, it forms a public road, one of the suburban streets in the town of Bathurst in New South Wales. It was really thrilling to experience the circuit. Watch your speed! It is very tempting to go a little faster on this well designed, smooth circuit, but it is well policed with speed cameras that will catch you if you exceed 60km/hr.

The most amazing thing about this circuit is the area in the centre. There is farmland with sheep and alpacas lazily grazing and wineries where grapevines are being grown. There are residential houses with their driveways coming directly off the racetrack circuit. Their driveways are cleverly angled away from the direction of the racing to ensure errant racecars can’t accidentally veer off into their homes.

Mount Panorama racetrack
Mount Panorama Racetrack
Mount Panorama Racetrack
Mount Panorama Race Track

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