Affluent, Big City Hamburg

Hamburg is a very different vibe to other parts of Germany. It has a massive port and is close to the ocean. The city looks very affluent and in parts has a very distinctive brick style of architecture. Their closeness to the ocean also impacts their cuisine where there is more seafood than other places in Germany.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg – a concert hall in Hamburg. Probably the most famous attraction in the city and a distinctive part of the skyline. It’s free to go up to the terrace and there are awesome 360 degree views from there. Even going up the escalator to the terrace is an experience!
Binneralster / Inner Alster Lake – Hamburg. A beautiful area for a walk very close to the centre of Hamburg
Speicherstadt – lots of red brick in the architecture!
St. Michael’s Church, Hamburg
Hamburg Town Hall
Chilehaus – Iconic Brick Impressionist Buiding

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