Inland New South Wales

When road-tripping the state of New South Wales, it is tempting to hug the coastline and ignore the inland areas. This is somewhat justified as there is a lot of stunning things to see along the coast. (My personal opinion is that some of the New South Wales coastline is more beautiful than the much feted Great Ocean Road drive in Victoria!) Nevertheless, take the time to explore the inland areas of the state. There is much to see.

Sawn Rocks near Narrabri -like a giant pipe organ

The Sandstone Caves, just off the Newell Highway between Dubbo and Narrabri was a lucky find. A friendly lady at the Visitor’s Centre gave us instructions on how to get here and we would not found this local gem on our own. This walk made a perfect driving break and these sandstone rock formations are so interesting.

Sandstone Caves
Sandstone Caves
Sandstone Caves
Murrumbidgee River near Wagga Wagga
Monument Hill War Memorial, Albury

If you are in the area, visiting Hume Dam is awe-inspiring. It had been raining so the volumes of water being released from this dam was staggering.

Hume Dam – Look at the trees in the water downstream and how small they are compared to the sheer volume of water being released.

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