Further Explorations of Sydney

Ahh Sydney!! We return again! It’s a stunning city! On a dry, blue sky day, it really sparkles!! Unfortunately, recent months have been abnormally rainy but we have had plenty of good days to enjoy nevertheless.

Some things to love about Sydney include;

  • Free museums – there are a number of free museums and free museum days so check it out! Hyde Park Barracks in particular has a great interactive, audio-visual display which is fantastic and immersive!
  • Diversity of people and hence cuisines! You can get very regional, specialised and authentic cuisines in this big city!
  • Sydney harbour – stunning! You can’t help but get your camera out EVERY TIME, despite having so many photos from every other time you visited previously!
  • Vibrant and friendly people – Big cities have a reputation of being cold but I have found Sydney-siders to be warm and welcoming. There is evidence of community to be found in so many places!
  • It’s such a big city there are always interesting things to do and see!
Centennial Park – a nice bit of greenery close to the city and a great place to ride your bike!
Sydney Harbour Bridge – beautiful on a blue sky day!
The Sydney skyline on an overcast day!
Museum of Sydney
Had to take a photo of this building in Darlinghurst. It has a Harry Potter-esque vibe to it!
When in Sydney, the cheapest harbour cruise is the public transport ferry. How can you beat these views!?
St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney
The city skyline peaking through the trees from Hyde Park.
A protest through the city for Palestine. As Sydney is such a big city, there are often organised protests in the CBD. These are always peaceful and there is a police presence.
Artwork in Hyde Park honouring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service men and women.
Campsie Street Festival – Street festivals in Sydney are extremely well attended resulting in ridiculously long queues at every street food stall at all hours! This particular festival was a great initiative by the Campsie council as it drew visitors from all over Sydney to the Campsie main street. Businesses would have been thriving this weekend but there would be an ongoing lingering business benefit for these shops from the exposure!
Men in Campsie playing and watching a game with great focus and interest!
The colourful view from the ferry
Yes! Another shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
Hyde Park Barracks
The marina at Birkenhead Point. The factory outlet stores here are worth a look for a bargain but head out the back and check out the view of the marina!
Hyde Park
Anzac Memorial
Harbour Bridge by night. This area always stays buzzy with people and restaurants.
Crown Towers – a shiny, metallic slick, reaching for the sky!
Tall Ship and Sydney Opera House
Commonwealth Bank

Love to hear what you think! Thanks!!