The Murray River and the Towns that Feed Australia

The Murray River is not the prettiest with its greenish, dark, tannin stained water but it is the lifeblood of the towns that it runs through and is central to the Australians that live in the region for work and for recreation. Vast fields of grapes, almonds, oranges, olives are grown by the Murray. It is also used for jet skiing, water skiing, speed boating, kayaking, houseboating and loads of other water recreational activities. In earlier days, the Murray was used for transportation of goods. We passed by Mannum, Berri, Renmark, Mildura, Swan Hill, Lake Boga and Echuca.

The Murray river has to be carefully managed to ensure fair distribution of water and environmental management. Sadly it is also infested with carp which is an invasive species and hurts the native fish and ecology. There are a number of locks and lifting bridges along the Murray.

Rows of grapes being grown. The plants grown for food production are so lush and healthy compared to the natural landscape which seems scraggly and dry. These are probably table grapes as wine grape vines are smaller and more wizened to concentrate the flavour into smaller fruit.
The Murray River
Steam Engines at the Port of Echuca Discovery Centre.
Transportation of logs, the old fashioned way! Port of Echuca Discovery Centre
Old wood processing equipment on display at the Port of Echuca Discovery Centre
Flood level markers.
Lifting Bridge at Swan Hill
Lock 11
The Murray River
Refurbished paddle steamers carrying tourists up and down the Murray.

Lock 5
Lake Boga, just a few minutes south of Swan Hill. The caravan park is directly by the lake and it’s a lovely spot!

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