Limoges – a quiet gem of a town

Limoges, France is not a touristy city. It isn’t as pretty as other cities and as a result doesn’t draw a lot of tourists. Nevertheless, there was plenty to see in this town, which seemed very quiet, probably because it’s residents were having their summer holiday by the coast! It was a real treat wandering around town in the cool of the morning while the town’s residents had their Sunday morning sleep in. We had a lot of the attractions to ourselves!

Gare de Limoges-Bénédictins – the train station!
Inside Gare de Limoges-Bénédictins – the train station!
Cour du Temple – a small open area accessible by a small laneway. These buildings were built in the late 1500s / early 1600s.
Rue de la Boucherie – the historic butcher’s lane. This Sunday morning, it is the location of a swapmeet where locals can bring out their household items for sale. Some of the houses in this area date back to the 1200s.
Chapelle Saint Aurélien
Halles centrales – local market
Halles centrales- check out the high roofs of this building! This market is open 6 days a week!
Halles centrales
Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Limoges
Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Limoges
Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Limoges
Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Limoges
Jardin botanique de l’Evêché – the building in the background used to be the Bishop’s Palace. Now it is an art museum. The gardens of the Bishop’s Palace has been planted with a range of interesting plants. The tree in the left of the photo is actually a papaya tree! What an unexpected choice in this location!
Jardin botanique de l’Evêché
Jardin botanique de l’Evêché – I love the flower beds in the Garden’s of the Bishop’s Palace! It’s a formal garden in shape and does include formal topiaries but the plantings are so varied and interesting. There is kale in a variety of colours, cabbage, tomato plants, parsley, rhubarb, climbers, flowers etc. A crazy mix of colour and texture. I like how fruit and vegetable plants have been incorporated into formal flower beds!
Mairie de Limoges (city hall)
Fountain in Jacques Chirac Square
Pont Saint-Étienne – this Medieval bridge was built in 1203 over the River Vienne.

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