Townsville is a big city of 180,000 people in a fertile part of North Queensland. Sugar cane, mango and banana growing country, with rich dark, fertile soils. It’s a good place to stop when travelling in the region if you have “life admin” type errands to get done. Most of Townsville is not particularly pretty but the waterfront area along the Strand is the jewel of the city. It’s very pretty but the highlights are the giant fig trees that have been preserved (even in the median strip of the road!) Castle Hill looms over the city and the view from the top of it is breathtaking.

Townsville Marina and industrial jetty from the Castle Hill Lookout
View of Townsville from the Castle Hill Lookout
View of Townsville facing inland from the Castle Hill Lookout
Coastal boardwalk, Townsville
Magnificent fig trees along the waterfront, the Strand, in Townsville. This is the most beautiful part of the city.
Castle Hill looms over the city of Townsville
Check out this waterfall in the middle of city!
Townsville Annual Show – best rose
Townsville Rock Pool. Every tropical town in Queensland has free public swimming facilities. They are usually excellent and allows the population to cool off whilst avoiding stingers and crocodiles.
The Strand Beach, this part of the beach is supervised by lifeguards.
Tobruk Memorial Baths, 50m pool on the Strand, Townsville. Winter training location for the Australian Olympic swim team for 1956 and 1960 including Dawn Fraser!!
Showbags at the Townsville Annual Show!
These amazing fig trees are very common in Townsville. They were spectacular!

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