Sailing the Whitsundays and Airlie Beach

The Whitsundays is famous because it is stunning but the only way to access it is by boat. We went on an enjoyable 2 night sailing tour by Isails Whitsundays. We got to see some of the famous sites like Whitehaven Beach and also stopped at Langford Island for some snorkeling. Beware, some of the less reputable tour operators as they load up their boat to full capacity with people and it makes for a crowded boat ride and experience. This touristy part of Australia is pretty crowded these days with domestic tourists. The duration of their stay as well as their interests are often different from foreign tourists. It presents some challenges but also plenty of opportunities for the local tourism operators to evolve their product to entice the domestic dollar.

The launching point for the Whitsundays is Airlie Beach. It’s a tourist town with a chilled out, vacation vibe. There are some fun things to do and see in and around town if you are not out on a boat in the Whitsundays. The free public swimming lagoon at Airlie Beach is always available for a dip. These free public swimming facilities are “de rigueur” for all the coastal, tropical towns and cities in North Queensland. It gives the population an ability to cool off in the hot temperatures while keeping them safe from stingers (jelly fish), sharks and crocodiles. Of particular concern in the jellyfish family is the Irukandji jellyfish. These are so tiny they are impossible to spot, cause extreme physical pain and other physical issues but also cause psychologically a feeling of impending doom! Stinger suits are provided by all tourism operators that take clients out to swim in the region.

Whitehaven Beach
Betty’s Beach
Betty’s Beach
Blue Soldier Crab on Whitehaven Beach. There were no crabs to be seen, then all of a sudden, the ground seem to be moving as hundreds of these beautiful crabs were out of the holes and on the move! How did they know how to synchronize their moves?
Bottle Tree at the lookout at the peak of Langford Island
Langford Sandbar, a beautiful spot to go snorkeling, stand up paddleboarding, kayaking or head up the hill to the lookout.
Superyachts at Abell Point Marina, Airlie Beach
Whitsundays Saturday Markets – busy and bustling with domestic tourists!
Cedar Creek Falls – popular swimming hole about 30 minutes from Airlie Beach
Shute Harbour – a lot less busy than the main marinas for Airlie Beach but is earmarked for redevelopment.
Coral Beach – Conway National Park Coral Beach Walk
Conway National Park Coral Beach Walk – the beach at Coral Beach is ACTUALLY made of bits of coral! AMAZING!

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