Homemade Indian Snacks

Sometimes, you just get lucky and come upon a recipe which is a winner. This recipe is definitely a winner! I can’t take credit for this recipe. It came from a friend’s mother but there are a few things I do differently to tweak it for my family.

One batch of these will make a giant wok-ful of tasty Indian snacks which you can munch on and give away. They store well in air-tight containers, are delicious with a cold beer and are not too unhealthy!

Here is the recipe!

2 tablespoons oil
10 large sprigs fresh curry leaves (or as much as you want!)
200g cashew nuts, roasted
200g peanuts, roasted
200g sultanas
2 teaspoons  chilli powder
1 teaspoon cumin powder
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
2 level teaspoons sugar
1 level teaspoon salt
270g rice bubbles
1 pkt (200g) french fries crisps (or more if you like!)

Heat oil in very large wok. Fry curry leaves crisp, in very hot oil. Remove from wok
When oil is a bit cooler, fry nuts and sultanas. Add curry leaves
Then add chilli, cumin, turmeric powder, sugar, salt and keep frying.
Remove from heat. Add rice bubbles and mix well. add french fries and mix.
When cool, store in airtight container

For those who learn pictorially, here is the recipe step-by-step with pictures!

First, get your curry leaves.



I like to use lots because they are delicious and crispy in the final product and their flavour really adds to the tastiness of the snack. They shrink down when they’re cooked so don’t worry if you think you have too many leaves!

Remember to take the leaves off the stem.


Gather your ingredients. Your nuts and sultanas. Put your spices into one bowl


Fry the curry leaves. Be careful, they tend to pop and splutter in the oil.


Remove them from the wok and set aside.


Fry the nuts and sultanas.


Add the curry leaves and spices and fry some more.


Turn off the heat and add the rice bubbles. Mix well.


Add the french fries and mix well.


And you’re done!! A giant wok full of Spicy Indian Snacks. Eat some, give some away! They’re addictive!