Eating Around Europe

I love food! I think that has been pretty clear. Anyway, here are some of the things we’ve eaten whilst we’ve travelled Europe.

First up, we have some food which is perfect for the cold winters! We had some fondue in Switzerland. The cheese sauce is quite strong but it’s so tasty with the chewy bread and bits of potato for dunking. It’s not exactly a light lunch but I can imagine if it was freezing outside, there is nothing nicer than some melted gooey cheese!!!!


Cheese Fondue

In Zurich, we were directed to a lovely restaurant which, despite the fact that it was on the tourist strip seemed to be catering to a lot of locals and was run by nice local grandma types. We were served by this nice, older lady who needed some glasses. She really could not see and dropped our cutlery, our change and nearly our food! It was pretty funny.

We ate these noodle/dumpling things called spatzle. They are like gnocchi except minus the potatoes which make gnocchi light and fluffy. So as a result, they’re heavier and denser. They’re made by extruding the dough into boiling water using various devices. At a pinch, you can use a colander.

We also ate sausage and mash. Spatzle, mash, big pork sausage, all hearty and heavy foods to warm you up on the inside and keep you warm in the middle of winter!!


Spatzle Bolagnese


Pork Sausage and Mash

Onwards to something different. In Portugal, there is an area called Matosinhos, near the city of Porto. They specialise in seafood. As you walk along the restaurant strip, there are charcoal barbecues by the curb smoking away as they grill different kinds of seafood. Mostly, they focus on grilling local sardines. This serving of 7 of the largest sardines I have ever seen was a portion for one person. Sardines are such tasty fish and these were lemony, salty, crispy and oily. Delicious, finger licking food!


Grilled Sardines

Ahh French food! Supposedly the king of all cuisines. I would have disagreed but I have to say, they do the most amazing sauces. I find that I have to scoop up every tiny bit of the luxurious sauces with bread until my plate is wiped spotlessly clean. How do they make such delicious sauces!! I have to learn!! Anyway, check out some French food pics below.




Paillasson with Chevre and Bacon

A paillasson is a potato pancake made with grated potato. It’s somewhat like a hash brown. In this version, it was served with creamy chevre or goats cheese and bacon. It made for a delicious lunch.


Brioche French Toast with Brown Sugar


French Coffee with Macarons


Crepes with Sugar and Lemon

Let’s not forget, the most amazing dessert I ate in France. “Floating Islands” was such a revelation I did a post specifically on it.

Hmm…speaking of sweet things, I found a photo from Greece that didn’t make it into the my post about Greece. These are Greek, deep fried doughnuts or Loukoumades. These are often served with honey and cinnamon and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. They are syrupy and sweet and delicious. I mean, really, how can you go wrong with deep fried dough? It’s a whole category of fatty but delicious food. Think…Mexican Churro, Canadian Beavertails, Creole/French Beignets, Indian Poori, Latin American Sopaipilla and my favourites, Chinese Youtiao and Indian Murukku.


Greek Loukoumades

OK. That’s enough drooling from me. Have you got an easy but delicious recipe for a French sauce? What’s your favourite deep fried dough food?

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