Eyre Peninsula – seafood and wild coastlines

We left Port Hughes in the Yorke Peninsula with a spectacular sunset and headed onwards to explore the Eyre Peninsula.

Sunset after a rainy day at Port Hughes
Working fishing boats at a marina at Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln and the other towns of the Eyre Peninsula are towns that have seafood and grain industries. The Eyre Peninsula is famed for its seafood and it was indeed the freshest, most local seafood I’ve ever tasted. There’s also something about eating seafood when you can feel the ocean breeze on your face!

Oysters at Fumo 21 in Port Lincoln
Oysters at 1802 in Coffin Bay
Mussels at 1802 in Coffin Bay

The small coastal towns of South Australia have often a similar feel and configuration about them. They will almost have a jetty, some old buildings, old artillery pieces, grain silos, vacation homes and a caravan park. They common thread is how neat and tidy they all are. Often, a strong sense of community can be felt in the small thoughtful touches around town like the local art displayed at the public toilets or the public art works at tourist vantage points.

We saw a lot of wild and windy coastlines in the Eyre Peninsula. They are treacherous and beautiful.

Coffin Bay National Park
Coffin Bay National Park
Coffin Bay National Park
Coffin Bay National Park

The amazing thing is, despite the wild coastlines, there are also quiet, calm, protected bays.

Yangie Bay at Coffin Bay National Park
Coffin Bay National Park
Stamford Hill Lookout at Lincoln National Park

Just south of Streaky Bay are the Murphy’s Haystacks. These amazing rock formations are an aberration on flat farming land!

Murphy’s Haystacks, south of Streaky Bay
Murphy’s Haystacks, south of Streaky Bay
Shark Free Streaky Bay Jetty Pool

Streaky Bay has an ocean pool built to the jetty due so people can swim without worry about sharks. In the local Shell fuel station, there is a replica of a 5m white pointer shark that was caught off these waters.

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