Geraldton – an underrated gem

Geraldton has a bit of a bad reputation but during a recent visit, we found that this city of about 38,000 people has an excellent museum, pretty waterfront areas and a busy port. It’s only 4.5 hours north of Perth and would make for an enjoyable few days. The port services the local mining, fishing, wheat and sheep industries.

Port of Geraldton
Point Moore Lighthouse, Geraldton

No trip to Geraldton is complete without a visit to the Museum of Geraldton. This is an excellent museum housed in an architectural building by the water. It’s a perfect rainy day activity.

Museum of Geraldton

Don’t miss out on this cool sculpture on the waterfront in Geraldton. It’s like a giant marble filled with water. This sculpture would be interesting to photograph at various times of the day and with various weathers. It was a moody, drizzly, overcast day when we were here.

Horizon by Lucy Humphrey

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