Exmouth and Coral Bay – behold the BEST beaches in the world!

Australians are extremely privileged to have arguably the best beaches in the world. Of these multitude of spectacular beaches on the vast island coastline, there are a couple that should be considered the best of the best!

Turquoise Bay, near to Exmouth takes the gold medal for best beach in Australia (in my opinion). It has beautiful fine white sand which is a pleasure underfoot. The water is a striking aqua hue, crystal clear and calm. It’s a perfect beach to be enjoyed by the whole family. The kids can play safely in the calm shallows and there are deeper areas further out for snorkeling.

Turquoise Bay – the most beautiful beach in the world

Coming a close second behind Turquoise Bay is Bill’s Bay at Coral Bay. This is part of a marine sanctuary so no fishing is allowed. This is a rare and special spot where the reef is very close to the shore. You can just wade out into the clear water and start snorkeling. There is a lot of coral of various shapes and colours to be seen as well as giant clams, colourful fish and other marine life. This beach is also calm and welcoming for families. Many kids were skimming along the shallows with their skimboards whilst others were snorkeling the reef or paddling around with glass bottomed kayaks. Only in Australia is such a magnificent and special beach accessible to the public for free.

Bill’s Bay, Coral Bay

Whilst Coral Bay is predominantly about Bill’s Bay and other marine activities, there are other sites to visit around Exmouth. Check out Vlamingh Head Lighthouse and the Mildura shipwreck on the way out to Turquoise Bay.

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse – 17km to the north of Exmouth

The area around Exmouth was once a US communications base and it is impossible to miss the tall radio towers and very seriously worded signage to stay clear of the area.

Part of the Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt – the most powerful transmission station in the Southern Hemisphere

Behold not just the stunning beaches but the vastness of the bright blue skies we have so much of in Australia!

Turquoise Bay and Bill’s Bay are my picks for the best of the best beaches in the world. Would you agree? Posing this question is potentially controversial as there is an absence of selection criteria and there are SO MANY beautiful beach in Australia (and overseas too!)

Love to hear what you think! Thanks!!