Busselton/Dunsborough – a real contender for best beach in Australia!

There is a beautiful long strip of spectacular beach that stretches from Busselton to Dunsborough. I had previously claimed that Turquoise Bay in Exmouth was the best beach in Australia but this beach might be better! It’s very long so there is no need to deal with crowds. There is plenty of stunning beach for everyone and it’s easy to find a spot for yourself! It’s also very close to amenities whereas Turquoise Bay is a fair drive from Exmouth which is in itself a fair drive from any big city. The Busselton to Dunsborough beach is very close to houses, restaurants, roads and is only 2.5 hours from Perth. It’s a calm beach, perfect for families and there are plenty of vacation rental accommodation nearby. The only thing Turquoise Bay has which is superior is the snorkeling. Australians are totally blessed with so many beautiful beaches and a huge number of gorgeous blue sky days that many forget that this is not the norm in other countries.

Busselton / Dunsborough Beach – best beach in Australia? quite possibly!
Busselton / Dunsborough Beach
Deep Sea Pool, near Busselton Jetty

There is a lovely shared walk and cycle path that stretches from Bussselton to Dunsborough. This is a lovely well maintained facility which is not hilly at all. It makes a very pleasant cycle ride with view of the stunning coast. You can also cycle along admiring the expensive and varied beachfront properties as you go! Whilst cycling along the path, we saw 5 bobtail lizards sunning themselves on or beside the bike path.

Bobtail Lizard by the Busselton to Dunsborough walk/bike trail. The warm path must seem like heaven to these cold blooded reptiles!
Shares Walk / Cycle Path that runs from Busselton to Dunsborough – thoroughly recommend cycling or walking part or all of this!

Cycling does make a person ravenous. We had a lovey authentic French lunch at Bistro Breton in the centre of Busselton.

Buckwheat crepes from Bistro Breton, Busselton

Whilst in the region, check out the spectacular sights and beaches around Cape Naturaliste.

Sugarloaf Rock, near Dunsborough
Injidup Natural Spa, near Yallingup

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