Albany – the last big stop before the Nullarbor

Albany, population 38,000, is the last big(ish) population centre before heading across the Nullarbor. The next big city heading east would be Port Augusta in South Australia. The population of Port Augusta is only about 14000 so that is an indication of how tiny the towns and villages are in between on the long stretch across Nullarbor, crossing the bottom of Australia. The nearby town of Denmark is only an hour away from Albany and worth a visit.

Albany Wind Farm – an elegant sight in a beautiful location! These wind turbines supply 80% of Albany’s power needs.

National Anzac Centre is set on top of a hill in a magnificent location overlooking the port and some nearby islands. The centre itself costs $25 to enter but is worth the money as a lot of effort has been put into this striking, architectural building and the engaging exhibits within. The focus is on the ANZACs who fought in World War 1. For those who prefer not to pay, there are free (less modern) exhibits in adjacent buildings, a lookout and the magnificent view to take in.

National Anzac Centre – located in a magnificent spot in Albany. It costs to enter this building but the exhibits were modern and engaging. There are free exhibits in adjacent buildings and it’s worth the drive here just for the view.
The magnificent view from the National Anzac Centre – large ship being guided to or from the port by tug boats

The other big attractions of Albany is the The Gap, Natural Bridge and the Blowholes. The cantilevered steel platform allowing visitors to stand over The Gap is a feat of engineering.

Cantilevered viewing platform at The Gap, Albany
The legs to hold down the cantilevered platform that allows visitors to stand over the crashing waves at The Gap
The Gap, Albany – mesmerizing, churning water smashing against the rocks
Natural Bridge, Albany. A must visit site along with The Gap which is close by.
Ocean crashing near Natural Bridge, Albany
Albany Historic Whaling Station -how blue is that water!
Albany city centre at sunset
Albany Entertainment Centre
Ellen Beach, Albany

An interesting sight near Denmark is the Ocean Beach lookout. The dark, tannin stained river water is going out to sea and mixing with ocean water. It makes for a striking view!

Ocean Beach Lookout – Dark, tannin stained river water going out the ocean
Lions Lookout, Denmark – note the surfers in the waves of river water, dark with tannins as it flows out the river mouth and mixes with the ocean.
Grapevines At Boston Brewing Company, Denmark. A great, buzzy spot for some food and drink.
Elephant Rocks near Denmark
Elephant Rocks, Denmark
Greens Pool, Denmark

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