4WDing on Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a sandy island just a 40 minute barge ride from Hervey Bay. Despite being entirely composed of sand, it boasts a diversity of flora and fauna, as well as a lot of fresh water! It’s an opportunity to see wide, pristine beaches, lush rainforests as well as dingoes in the wild. It is baffling how an island of sand isn’t a sand dune but has dense rainforests!?

You can take your 4WD onto the island but the inland tracks can be deeply rutted and the beach drive will cover your expensive 4WD in salt (and therefore make it much more prone to corrosion). We made a day trip to Fraser Island on a group tour in a 4WD bus so we could enjoy the day without worrying about damage to an owned or rental vehicle.

Barge from Hervey Bay to Fraser Island
4WD tour bus
Lake Macquarie – freshwater lake filled with rainwater
Rainforest on Fraser Island
75 mile beach (this is treated like a highway with 4WDs racing down it, speed limits and cops doing alcohol tests!)
Eli Creek, this is a freshwater creek. The photo looks underwhelming actually because the water is absolutely clear!
Maheno shipwreck – this is a tiny portion of the shipwreck. It extends much further back and 3 storeys underground!

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