The Luxury of Choice

Today, I awoke to the news that Dave Goldberg, the husband of Sheryl Sandberg died of a head trauma while working out at the gym. How quickly life can change! One minute, he’s a healthy, relatively young man working out at the gym whilst on vacation and shortly after, he’s dead. It’s a reminder to never take life for granted and to make the most of it because things can change in an instant.

I feel for Sheryl Sandberg. Her book, Lean In really resonated with me. Thank you for putting yourself out there and writing that book and inspiring us. I’m thinking of you. These are dark days. It is with your hard work that you have given yourself the luxury of choice for rainy days like these. Whatever you choose in the days, months and years following Dave’s passing, I respect and support your choice as you support choices for women. Thank you Sheryl. Take care.


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